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Mom & Me !Toddler Chinese Program Level 2
Price: 160 point Time: May.01,2012

Mom & Me !Toddler Chinese Program Level 2

Mom & Me !Toddler Chinese Program
This Chinese lessons are designed for kids from 3 to 6 years old and for parents to learn together. One fee for parents and kids, 61 pages text book is included as well. This Chinese course helps kids learn Chinese via playing games and discussing fun topics with instructors. In these Chinese classes, kids will receive systematic training in four aspects: listening, speaking, reading and writing. This course is divided into 6 different levels, ranging from Beginner Level to Advanced level, which can help you and your kids achieve the Chinese learning goals step by step.
Level 2:
This level is for kids who can use familiar words to answer simple questions in areas of basic daily topics. They can read Pinyin and recognize the most basic strokes of Chinese characters. In this level, your kids will learn simple words, short sentences, and simple dialogues such as clothing, toys, household appliances, weather, etc. we will teach your kids some simple nursery rhyme, and your kids will learn to write very simple Chinese characters.
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